MachoTomato's page

Hello to all the LOLwikiers out there.

So to let you all know, I've undergone a name change (as can be seen by the changed page title)
This was necessary as I got wind that Henrooster special ops were patrolling Terrestrial skies, so I've had to disguise my identity. (oh carps, i hope they aren't monitoring this site too. i'm pretty sure it's safe…)


hey! I just had a great idea! I know a great way to get the lolness out to the world… u guys should check out StripGenerator

ps: that's the link u need to get there

I already have an account on StripGenerator. It's awesome. I've recently started to re update it so check it out again if u already have, otherwise just check it out!

The Fun Page

As a caring member of this site i should like to let you all know that I am starting a new page
soon to be known as the fun page!!!!!!!
This page will feature a collection of word searches, mazes, cross-word puzzles, and other such things that I make during my spare time. I will also try to include a collumn for suggestions on how to make the page better, whether or not i should make things more challenging, and/or any other suggestions you all may have for me…++++++ (just as soon as i figure out how to do that)

any ways I hope you all enjoy it, 'cuz it's now my profession to entertain people, seeing as i'm no longer the ambassador from henrooster. :'(

ok i think that's all i had to say about the Fun page (i'll post the link when the page is ready. it will hopefully also be accessable through the mainpage)

so, by for now…