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XIronManX Memorial Day

by toddtalktoddtalk 02 Mar 2009 03:51

Since February 24 is past, we will take March 14, 1 month after XIronManX's birthday, to remember. Next year, and the years to come, however, it will be on February 24. These are the details of XIronManX memorial day:

1. There will be a thread opened for discussion about XIronManX's greatest achievements and contributions to this site (please nothing negative).

2. There will be 13 minutes and 37 seconds of silence, starting at 2:30 pm. Until 2:43:37, i ask that you do not post. We will take this time to remember XIronManX.

3. If you know him personally, I ask you to hug him at least 3 times on this day. If you have his email, email him explaining how much lolwiki misses and needs him.

That is all that is planned so far this day.

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by kenoshikenoshi 20 Feb 2009 05:14

Well, lolwiki is alive and improving! I have just added some new features to lolwiki, I will ignore forum updates as those are rather boring to read about here when you can experience it first hand HERE, anyway I just added some new classes that enable divs to be used as font size changers unfortunately I have not ironed out all the kinks yet and it does not work perfectly (i plan on fixing that tomorrow) anyway check out the new home page that you could possible be reading this on!

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by kenoshikenoshi 11 Nov 2008 19:55

HERE is the link

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Forum Difficulty

by kenoshikenoshi 11 Nov 2008 05:41

As you probably have noticed I have been changing the site appearance quite a bit. Currently the top bar in the forums looks a bit odd and there are a couple of broken links etc. I am working to fix this but if you find one you might as well post it here

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Reorganizing Forums

by kenoshikenoshi 10 Nov 2008 18:50

I am spending some tim reorganizing the forums in a way that makes more sense and is compatible with some new features I plan to add so for the time being I ask that people refrain from making new threads until i have posted some forum rules (dont get to worried its just an explanation of where threads are supposed to go.

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Site Updates

by (account deleted) 11 Aug 2008 14:15

Alright, from now on, if you ever want to know what's new and what's in-the-hap or why I'm so pessimistic, visit here to get the latest updates and info.

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by kenoshikenoshi 17 Jul 2008 04:41

Breaking news!

  • Ironman has been promoted to admin so show him a whole lotta respect.
  • Also you now longer have to show respect to Dr. Doom because he has been demoted


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Did you know that hovercat can actually hover?