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Lol Hovercat is hovering


Did you know that this is the correct way to make a roflcopter?
(yes, but it doesn't fit on the page)
(no one cares that it doesn't fit on the page, at least it's real!)

The original MachoTomato! The version inspired by stripgenerator, which inspired MachoTomato to change his name from t-Mat to MachoTomato. (read about this on my Q+A thread or my page)
Check out all his majesty!

MachoTomato made this on the way home from the Brandon Jazz festival :P


ROFLZATOR totally pwns capn q!
ps. if u like this one, tell MachoTomato on his Q+A thread, and he'll consider making a web-comic adventure's of ROFLZATOR!


Here is one of Doom's favourite Garfield strips!
(Doom likes Garfield. And Calvin and Hobbes)