Guide To Lolwiking

~Guide is NOT completed yet. Currently under construction. Please do not modify any contents.

Okay. Now you've understood the basics, let's get into the harder stuff! Oh wait, it doesn't really get any harder than this!

Hm… So you're sitting there, enjoying your new account… But what's this? You don't know what to do?! Ah, that's a problem, isn't it? Well, let's introduce you to LOLwiki! Select the link here.

All caught up? Alright then. If you look under the logo, there will be four different tabs. Move your cursor over each one of them to see what each one contains. The most important features you will be using are The Forums tab, the Site Information tab and the Contact tab. You can experiment a little right now if you wish, just to get a hands-on look at everything. But wait, don't post anything in the forums yet…

Okay, let's check out the forums first. This will probably be the most visited tab, so you might want to keep a note of that when browsing on the site later on. Move your cursor over The Forums and you'll find that the menu drops down. Select the first option that it provides, which should be Forum Home. After that, you'll see a large list of various Forum Categories, which were created by the members of LOLwiki.