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NOTE: due to age of article some images do not look exactly like the page does now

Alright, alright. I think I’ve had enough… Enough of people sending me MSN messages:
“Ugh, I’m stuck here, what do I do?”
Well actually, they’re more like: “O NO HELP MEEE I DUNT NO HOW 2 DU DIS!!!”

Okay. Calm down. XIronManX is here to help. Are you ready for this? This is going to be epic. Alright, let’s get this started with then.

First of all, visit LOLwiki (our homepage). Once you have gotten to our website and have seen our decorative CSS coding :], find the Table of Contents, which should be a large box with “fold” on the top left corner and Table of Contents in the center. Refer to the image below to see where you should be at.


Okay, now that we’ve found the Table of Contents, (*trumpets sound*) we can use this to navigate your way to the spot you need to go. Find “Joining” on the TOC and click it. This should take you to a spot near the end of the page. Notice that it states under the header that the password is LOL, in all caps. It means what it says and no, don’t worry, it is not meant to trick you. Below that you will see the contact page, which is where you can contact me at my email address: gro.dnarepsa|st#gro.dnarepsa|st. Finally, going down to the final header, it says “Inviting Friends”. Now, there are two large texts, one saying log in (if you have a Wikidot account) or create a new account (which is what we’re going to accomplish in this guide). Make sure you’re up to where I am, reader! Here’s another screenshot to help you out:


Alrighty then, now that we’re finally through to starting your account up, you will get a page that might look something like this:


Okay. Fill in the first box, your screen name. Now, it does say that using your real name is recommended, but I think it’s safer to just use any common username that you use. Please remember though to keep your username in taste, meaning that we don’t want any users with profanity or offensive language of any sort. Here’s a few ideas to borrow from: Dr Doom, XIronManX, Kenoshi and Lolmaster. (These are taken already!)

Now that you have a username/screen name picked out, you will need to provide your email address – Don’t worry, this is only for security and notification purposes only!

Next, there’s the preferred language. Select English, since LOLwiki is provided in English (and a little bit of leet, if you know what that is). The next step is pretty straightforward. Create a password of your choice, but remember to NOT give this away to anyone! Repeat your password again in the text box below. Next, there’s one of those “check if you’re a human” text boxes. Input the code displayed in the image. You can’t see it because you’re blind? Well… You wouldn’t be reading this then! So no excuses here! Lastly, check the I have read and agree to the Terms of Service box. You can click on the link and read it all if you want, but to save time, I won’t go over that page. Done? Click the next button.
After that, you should reach a page like this:


All caught up? Alright, first, check your email. Yahoo, hotmail, gmail, whatever. Just check your inbox. (Note: You might want to check your spam/bulk email folder just in case the filter acted up against the notification.) After you’ve received your email, you should get a verification code. Input the verification code (ctrl+c on your keyboard to copy the code and ctrl+v to paste your code.) Okay. Confirm your account. You should be directed back to the homepage, with the top area having your screen name on it. Go to that box, and select “My Account”. Done? Alright, now let’s proceed to getting yourself an avatar! But first, let’s make sure you’ll all caught up. Your screen should look something like this:


Okay? You’re ready to move on? Creating your account was the hard part and now you’ve got some creative license here, so get ready to do some customizing!

First, let’s visit your private messages. There shouldn’t be anything new here, seeing that no one knows you’re existent… YET. Your private messages section will tell you what’s new in your inbox or keep copies of what you have sent. Kind of like your email account, except more secure (No more spam)!

Moving on, we have the notifications section. It’s pretty straightforward – You’ll be notified of any updates that are related to your account such as Wikidot invites (when other people invite you to their site) or just regular posts and emails.

Next, we have the my contacts section. This section is where you can keep a list of friends, or contacts, so you can email to them. Here’s where I come in. Add XIronManX as a contact. I’ll be happy to guide/help you in anything you need. Questions? Ask me!

Now, I highly doubt you’ll ever use the watched… section because this feature let’s you keep a track on any forum discussion, thread, or pages. It basically let’s you keep your eyes on a certain aspect of a site, but it’s best to visit the site, in case of any new updates.

Following watched… we have the sites & membership feature. This section displays which sites you are part of and what rank you have in each of those sites. As you can see, you are not part of any site yet. Hold your horses, we’re getting there! In this section, you are also given the access to create your own Wikidot site – Just select my sites under the sites and membership button. Here, you can also view you invitations/applications, a great way to keep track of the sites you have been invited to or sites you have applied to!

After that, there’s the recent activity section. Click the button and you should see two sub-buttons drop down. Selecting the first one, recent contributions, will display any recent activity that you have participated in. Such as changing your avatar, updating some new info to your account, or even just changing your password. This page will track everything down to let you go back and review it later. The button under that, recent posts/comments, will display any new posts that you have made. For example, making a post on LOLwiki will be tracked down here. Don’t worry, this is for your own personal reference! LOLwiki will NOT monitor your activity!

And then… Here’s the fun part – We have my profile. But before we go any further, this is where you should be at:


All set? Let’s keep going! Select about myself. As you can see, there’s a whole list of text boxes here. Feel free to fill them in. And again, you don’t need to input your personal information, just as long as you don’t steal someone else’s identity!

Moving the cursor down you will find edit a page about myself. Here, you can edit what people see when they click your screen name. For example, when you first post on LOLwiki, other members will be eager to know who you are. We are a welcoming bunch, just to let you know!

Going downwards, once again, there’s my buddy icon (avatar). This is the icon you will see. Right now, your default avatar will be visible and it should look something like this ;-)
Selecting an avatar may take awhile, but you might want to choose one that suits your username. For example, if I had the username apple, I wouldn’t select an orange to be my icon. Check out Dr Doom’s and XIronManX’s avatars to see what I mean. (They can be found through clicking site members on the LOLwiki homepage.) Another extra piece of advice is to try and keep it small. Remember, this is an icon, so it shouldn’t be any larger than 500 pixels x 500 pixels. Don’t worry, you may Google one if you want to! (In fact, most of us LOLwikiers did anyways… :P)

Now that you’ve given some life into your account, go back to my profile. Going over to the button under my buddy icon (avatar), we have view my profile. Clicking this will display a short biography about yourself. Again, this is where your creative license kicks in and allows you to customize it to your liking. If you want, go back and select edit a page about myself.

Approaching the bottom, we have the view my “windowed” profile. The link will trigger a JavaScript command, which will then display a pop-up. The pop-up is basically what people will see when they click your screen name. (The information displayed in this window is reflected off the content you have input in your other sections)

And finally, we have change my screen name (NEW!). This isn’t suggested, especially you can only do it twice, but if you really have to change your screen name, enter a new one and it should take effect within a few days.
Alright. That’s about it for the my profile section. Let’s move on! Almost done!

Account Settings… What’s it used for? Well, let’s find out! Select the button and you should get to this page:


As seen above, these commands are pretty straightforward. It doesn’t really take time to learn about these things. Maybe a little curiosity will help. The only important thing I should point out is the delete account feature. You only use this if you wish to delete your account, PERMANENTLY, so be warned.
Okay, that wraps everything up here. If you wish to read on about posting on LOLwiki, keep reading. But other than that, you’re good to go! Enjoy being a part of the Wikidot community, reader!

Created by XIronManX
~November 11-12, 2008


If you wish to learn about the art of LOLwiki, click here for more! (Link source is under construction.)