Art Gallery

Welcome to LOLwiki's Art Gallery! Feel free to post your LOLerful pictures here. We request that the pictures are originals only; please don't take other people's work and post it here. Post your pics here!


Created by XIronManX - This was the 3rd and best logo LOLwiki has ever had.


//LOLwiki's 1st logo. It was created by Kenoshi and extremely rushed.


A space filler used during the early stages of site development.


The second logo that LOLwiki has had, made by XIronManX. The words "LOLWIKI" were changed later due to the site's theme change by the master administrator.


A LOLwiki hoodie that was created by XIronManX. (It was done with a permanent "fabric" marker.)


This is the image behind the top bar's text. Created by Kenoshi.


MachoTomato's first avatar; uploaded when he originally went as t-Mat

Did you know that t-Mat changed his name to MachoTomato after being hunted down by spec. ops agents from Henrooster??? It's true! Visit his page to learn more…


MachoTomato's first MachoTomato avatar. Check out all his majesty, and stuff…